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May 8: Monkey Temple and Taxi Rides

Posted in Nepal on May 8, 2013

Today we went to the "monkey temple", which involved us taking a taxi and being on the driving side of the busy roads. What a hoot and a holler, literally because of the amount of car-honk-speak going on.

Amongst people selling things (as there always seems to be), we climbed a million plus stairs to the top of the temple. What a phenomenal view from the top! With monkeys crawling about and prayer flags flapping, you could see the whole of Kathmandu Valley through the haze (which was less than usual due to the short burst of rainstorm last night).

We spent some time wandering the temple/platform area and then had lunch at a terrace cafe on the edge of the cliff. Kothey momos were the name of the game...part fries, part steamed, and totally delicious.

Pictures just can't capture the colours and view from that temple area, looking out over all the apartments and streets. How insignificant we are, and how we need to be reminded of it sometimes. Surrounded by Buddhist and Hindu worshipers, and large hills on the horizon, looking at the small places we live...wonderful.

We returned to the hotel and have just received word that we will be leaving to Dang tomorrow! There was the chance of a strike for the next three days that would have taken out public transportation options, but Dinesh has told is that we will be leaving anyways! Wahoo! Here is to a 12 hour bus ride and some rural living!

Not sure when we will have wifi enough to submit a blog, but we will keep writing and submit the posts once we have enough service.

Time for the next adventure!

DWC Student Team
Nepal May 2013

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