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May 12: Playing games and getting caught in hailstorm

Posted in Nepal on May 13, 2013

We woke up early today to get to the site and get some work in before the heat of the day gets too intense for us. The commute to work already feels like old hat to us, but it will never get old to smile and wave at the people and get smiles and waves in return. We are still getting a lot of curious looks and double takes (especially passersby on bikes), but hopefully we will be here long enough to become just another rumbly jeep driving by.

Work was more of the same: hot hot heat, brick dust under our fingers, the women laughing at our wobbly necks when transporting bricks. Everyone is in just such a good mood that even though we can't communicate on the same language level, it is still a ton of fun.

After lunch, we played a few rounds of Stella Ella Ola with the kids who stayed after school let out. It was so awesome to finally break the ice with them, so to speak, and get involved. :)

Clouds rolled in just as our jeep rolled up, so we climbed on the roof and bumped our way back in to town. Our driver called us to sit inside and boy was it just on time--the rain started POURING down as soon as we did. The road turned to rivers of muddy water, and then we were caught momentarily in a hailstorm, all of us dissolving in laughter.

Back at the hotel, it was cool and rainy...the coolest we have been since arriving, which was a nice change. There was a thunderstorm that crackled around us and brought the temperature down for the evening. We sat outside in the hallway space between all of our rooms for as long as we could before getting too damp from the rain. Everyone is getting along so so well so far, and we are having quite a hilarious time together, which is awesome.

And of course, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to our wonderful mothers that let us be here on this adventure, celebrating at a distance, and to all the mothers we have met so far here.

Kelly Gerlings
DWC Student Team Leader
Nepal, May 2013

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