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May 14: Escaping the heat in the river

Posted in Nepal on May 14, 2013

We returned to our productive state today, motoring through the construction of bamboo-and-twine scaffolding to give us some height on the many layers of wall we have managed so far.

It was also wicked hot, again, which was fine by all of us on account of our afternoon activities....more on that later.

We tried these raw, unripe green mangoes (just a slice each), and also played some excellent games of Frisbee with some more of the school kids. In particular, there is this one group of boys that is slowly getting larger each day as they get more confident speaking with us. It is so much fun to observe their actions and reactions to the crazy things we say and do, mostly because all of us are loud and exuberant people, dancing weirdly and laughing at ourselves. Sometimes there is really nothing better to do than laugh.

Once we pulled ourselves away from our new friends and headed back, we asked Dinesh if we could possible swim in the river. He answered with his characteristic "yes....okay." So by the main bridge, we piled out of the jeep and walked to the river, joining hoards of local boys/men and buffaloes in the water. What a refreshing and wonderful time! We had to sneak our way out on account of our shirts being white...and soaking wet...but it was honestly such a fun swim, and so needed after such a hot day.

More and more we are getting comfortable with this place and especially with the family who runs the hotel. Although only the son speaks a little bit of English, the friendliness is so prevalent in everything that is provided for us.

Dhanyabad, everyone we have met on this journey so far!

Kelly Gerlings
DWC Student Team Leader
Nepal, May 2013

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