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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Nepal.

May 15: Finishing the walls and dancing to Nepali music

Posted in Nepal on May 15, 2013

We worked as usual, doing layers of bricks and filling up cement bags. We worked on the three tall walls of the classroom and finished them. We started on the back walls with the window frames in place. Everything is looking great so far, and we have really hit our stride in being able to communicate with the two construction workers we have been working with so far. We played some Nepali music while working today, which always makes for a hilarious time because all of us are inclined to dancing! And then everyone, especially some of the students that work with us, laugh at us, and we start laughing, and it is just a few good rounds of laughter.

When we got back to the hotel, some of the group went for a walk around the neighbourhood again, this time in a different direction. We always seem to gather a crew of Nepalese children whenever we go out in public. We caught the most fantastic sunset in the hazy distant foothills and then returned home with a parade of people following us at a distance.

We stopped for a moment at a house on the corner for Dinesh to chat with one of the girls CP has been supporting the longest. She told him how her exams are giving her a headache to study for...we all laughed and said we have totally felt the same way before! Students are students everywhere, no doubt about that.

Kelly Gerlings
DWC Student Team Leader
Nepal, May 2013

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