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May 16: Finishing the construction project

Posted in Nepal on May 16, 2013

This was our last day of work before our long weekend break!

We finished the walls by the windows so now the classroom is just waiting for a roof, which should be finished when IWEN (the Intercultural Women's Network, who supports CP and made a special contribution for our project) sends their group of volunteers down in November.

Our construction dhais (brothers) were particularly funny and great today, the older one dancing for a bit on some of the scaffolding, causing us to laugh and clap, and the younger one mastering the art of the thumbs up and "no problem". It was so satisfying to climb down at the end of the day, looking at our handiwork of the last week and feeling like we have achieved something, helped greatly by our dhais and didis and ammas (sisters and mothers) all along the way.

Watch a video Dinesh made of our first two weeks on the project site:

We played a huuuggggeeeee frisbee game with the kids after lunch but before our jeep arrived. It was hilarious to try and coordinate everybody, and just awesome in general to be connecting with everyone. Kelly, Kaleigh and Vita got a head start on introductions to the classes we will be working in next week.

Taking our bumpy jeep ride back, we waved to the kids who chased behind us, a daily event and a sure fire sign that they are definitely getting more used to us all.

All of us were super tired, so our evening was quite calm and consisted of a four hour nap...and then supper....and then bed, everyone turning off their alarms because Friday we chose to take a day off and recover from the heat and work.

Kelly Gerlings
DWC Student Team Leader
Nepal, May 2013

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