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May 17: A Danish encounter and a Tharu experience

Posted in Nepal on May 17, 2013

Today was our day off!

At breakfast, to all of our great surprise, a tall, blond, white guy walked by the hotel. What! We invited him in, of course, and he joined us for the morning. He is from Denmark and is working on democracy promotion in Nepal with a youth initiative here, in collaboration with his youth party at home in Denmark.

Anna, Kelly and Dinesh had a long conversation with him, touching on all the politicking things around Nepal and international development in general, with very interesting perspectives on both sides. Kaleigh, Katie, Bailey and Vita went for a walk down to the river in the heat of the day, taking a chance to get to know the area even more.

Around 3:30, we all (minus our Danish friend, who left after rounds of the Nepalese game 'goats and tigers') loaded into our rumbly bumpy jeep and headed to Deepa's for a dinner party/gathering. We drove way far out into the dusty countryside and got to experience a little bit of Tharu village life. Tharus are one of the many ethnic groups in Nepal, and one of the most prevalent in the Dang district where we are. We met Deepa's daughter (so cute!) and had some delicious Tharu food--nice and spicy! Sitting on her doorstep in plastic chairs, looking out onto the dusty road....what a start to the summer.

We returned early to the hotel, around 8pm, to prepare for our weekend in Lumbini!

Kelly Gerlings
DWC Student Team Leader
Nepal, May 2013

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