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May 20: Teaching English classes

Posted in Nepal on May 20, 2013

Holy moly, it is May 20th already!

Today we were thrown into the classrooms for some English teaching/review with the students. It was quite the surprise for everyone, not having much preparation, and definitely a challenging first day. The students here are not quite like students back home, so we all had a reality check of our (bad grammar) expectations. However, the English teacher is very attentive to us and wants us to succeed as much as possible, so we left the worksite with English books in hand and some classroom preparation to do for homework!

It looks like we will be working in the classroom for an extended time of two periods per day to help the students with their English and give them the chance to talk to, to put it frankly, us white people. All the students are very quiet (for now) and are incredibly respectful, staying on their feet until you tell them to sit down, everyone hesitant to offer answers at first. And all the girls stay almost silent the whole time. Hopefully working with everyone for the week will make it easier for everyone to communicate and get used to each other, so we can learn from them just as effectively they can learn from us.

We spent part of the afternoon at the scarf-making set up in the CP office, choosing fabrics for some custom scarves the mothers will make for us. Dhanyabad as always! We had lunch at a super local place in Godhawa (I think that's how you spell it), the village that the school is just outside of. It was delicious, as most food is, listening to Al Jazeera news and thinking about the lack of world news on our Canadian networks.

We are excited to return to the classroom tomorrow and see what progress and what changes will happen over this next week!

DWC Student Team
Nepal, May 2013

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