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May 21: Rooftop Graduation Ceremony

Posted in Nepal on May 31, 2013

Today was our second day teaching and our first day with a soccer!

Class went much better for everyone, having had some time to prepare and go over the textbooks. The head English teacher is very excited to have us there, although it is a really big challenge for us to teach curriculum. We are trying our best, though, and everyone said we did much better today! Practice makes perfect, yes?

Dinesh brought a soccer ball to the school so of course we had to play some football with the kids! We played with four of the teachers on our team, against a handful of CP's students/girls they support on the other team. We lost........terribly. 3-0, but everyone had a blast! The sun was beaming down on us during the game, so it was a relief to sit in the teacher's staff room for lunch, served by some of CP's other girls.

It was Chelsea's UBC convocation (we think), so we celebrated with a rooftop ceremony! Kelly prepared a speech, Bailey and Vita made the gown, cap, and diploma, and we all stood on the rooftop under the stars and clapped, shook hands, took pictures. It ended with a dance party, wearing headlamps to see by, giving our neighbours a good laugh.

A hilarious end to a fantastic day.

Kelly Gerlings
DWC Student Team Leader
Nepal, May 2013

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