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May 24: Tikka Dust and the Hokey Pokey

Posted in Nepal on May 31, 2013

Speaking of leaving, it was our last day of teaching in the classroom today. We ended the classes playing different games, just having some fun before having to go.

Katie was attacked lovingly by her grade 6s with flowers, and Vita and Kaleigh were approached by their students with some red tikka dust/powder and had their faces covered in red. This was the beginning of our tikka-powder-battle with the students. First we received a dignified leaving tikka from the girls, as well as handfuls of flowers. Then Dinesh gave us the small bags of colour and we went out and chased the students all around the yard, shrieks of laughter surrounding us.

One last delicious lunch and then we had one last epic round of game playing...teaching the kids the hokey pokey! And this was not just the little kids...we had some of the 15 year old boys playing too. And everyone loved it, and everyone was laughing by the end of it. There could not have been a more heart warming last moment together. We played a huge round of Stella Ella ola as our jeep arrived, the students singing Nepali songs for our new rule of 'if you're out, you gotta dance'. Hands clapping, faces smiling, laughter.

So wonderful, and surprisingly untearful as we left, likely because we will return on Tuesday for a last meeting with not technically with the students, but they will be there still. Not time to leave *just* yet.

We had a quiet Friday evening, spending time on the roof and discussing our last three weeks together, and packing for Bardia!

Kelly Gerlings 
DWC Student Team Leader 
Nepal, May 2013

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