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May 26: An Epic Jungle Journey

Posted in Nepal on May 31, 2013

Today was our epic jungle safari walk through the Bardia reserve!

We left at 7am, after literally the hottest night of our lives, backpacks full of water bottles to last us the day. We had two guides and Dinesh leading the way through the grassy flat land and then into the jungle. For the first few kilometres, we alternated between walking and running in order to get to the first viewing spot fast enough to catch a tiger sighting! Unfortunately, we didn't get to see the tiger, but there was a rhino having a casual bath in the river.

Our guides, relentless in their quest for a tiger spotting, brought us even further into the reserve, trekking through grasses over our heads, bathed in sweat as we were. We reached a great little viewing spot with an inviting tree to climb. Eventually we all made our way into its branches and kept an eye peeled for tigers. The sun, the leaves, the inviting sound of the cicadas in the all made for a prime nap time, except that we were in a tree...

Although we didn't get to see any tigers, we had a wonderful time being out in the jungle, getting in touch with nature. Plus we got a bonus swim in the river at the very end--yay for river swims!
Our lunch back at the resort was delicious (as everything seems to be!), with a tasty dessert of fried banana. Our jeep ride involved seeing wild elephants and crocodiles (so cool!) and some bumpy roads! Our return to Lamahi once again felt like returning home, even if only for a few more days.

Kelly Gerlings 
DWC Student Team Leader
Nepal, May 2013

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