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May 27: Covaga Kitchen Almost Complete!

Posted in Rwanda on May 31, 2013

The roof is done! Today we secured the last few metal roof sheets and the Covaga kitchen looks fantastic! Nothing is more satisfying than completing something so very tedious.

This past weekend was so amazing! We worked half a day on Friday alongside the members of a local bicycle taxi cooperative. In addition to working on the roof we spent the morning moving rocks from the field behind Covaga to the work site, where the smallest ones were used to level the ground for the patio of the future restaurant.

Afterwards the bicycle taxis took us to the Gashora Girl's Academy. After having visited and had lunch at this amazing school we all agreed that we wished we could have gone to school there, and many of us are dreaming of how amazing it would be to teach there. The academy is especially important because it is a girls-only school, providing young girls with the opportunity to get a high school education and become their country's future leaders. As a science and technology school, many girls go on to become doctors, engineers, and so much more. The girls we met were all so mature and had big dreams to go on in university and bring their skills back to Rwanda. They were truly inspiring.

After our visit we showered, packed, and headed to Kigali for the weekend. On our way into the city we stopped at ABC, a bagel cooperative, which is newly owned by a Canadian from my own province of Ontario. It was so weird recognizing her accent half way across the world! The bagels were AMAZING. We bought them for the next morning too, and treated ourselves to fresh bagel chips and tortilla chips!

Friday evening we went to an amazing Indian restaurant and followed that with a night of dancing. Kigali has an awesome night life.

Saturday we went to the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre and Hôtel des Mille Collines (the real-life hotel from the movie "Hotel Rwanda".)

On Saturday evening we went out to a Mexican restaurant and ate burritos for dinner - they were sooooo good!! Dinner was followed by a bonfire and more dancing. On Sunday we stopped at a market on our way out of the city and got some more shopping in. The fabric and jewelry here is just stunning!

Tomorrow we will start the construction of kitchen gardens for some local Gashora families. Stay tuned!

Sarah May
DWC Student Team Participant
Rwanda, May 2013

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