September 9: A life without giving is a life without happiness September 9, 2013

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When the Softchoice cares trip to Kenya was first announced it would have been natural for someone to ask why Kenya and why not somewhere local? My answer to that question is our social responsibility should not have boarders. Just like our own children are not any more important than anyone else’s, not to mention the Kenyan children. This maybe a bit far fetched for some of us as we always revolve around OUR families, OUR communities and OUR country most of the time. After arriving here in Kenya I can reaffirm the decision that was made by the Softchoice cares board to come to Kenya. The need is much greater and the opportunity is tremendous to give back here in Kenya, specifically in the village of Maai Mahui. I’m grateful that Softchoice has given me the the opportunity to serve here in Kenya and thankful for the rest of the Softchoice family for getting behind the cause in helping with fundraising with donations, monetarily and otherwise.

I often wondered what giving back meant in a greater context other than just social responsibility or philanthropy that the corporate culture presently seems to be embracing. Why do we give back? Is it to check off the box or to do some good because it is the responsible thing to do? Are we giving out of abundance or giving back to fulfill a need? Or is it to share some simple life pleasures with someone otherwise would not have the opportunity to enjoy.

Giving starts with simply reaching out and it can be a simple “hello” to brighten someone’s day or by just meeting a need. Giving back without expecting anything in return has the greatest fulfillment. A life without giving is a life without happiness regardless of our material possessions.

When we first arrived Nick Foster stated that “we are not here to expect anything back but to serve this community the best we can as we have planned”. It made sense at the beginning but as the days went along it appeared I was benefiting as much as I was giving back. My heart is full and has a greater sense of accomplishment just being here. Is it because the giver has more power than the receiver or it is a feel good story I still do not know but what I know is I do not want this feeling to go away.
Hubert Sinniah
DWC Softchoice Cares Participant
Kenya, September 2013

Posted in on September 9, 2013