February 19: An overcast but productive workday February 19, 2014

Wild jungle and clouds in Rwanda

Posted in on February 19, 2014

It was an overcast day today, but we were thankful for that since we needed to paint the outside windows of the kitchen center. We got a lot done in spite of us needing to share paint, paint brushes, ladders, stools and rags. We need to finish up tomorrow as Friday we’re planning to drop our donations at the school and medical center.

The weather here is much like Kamloops in the summer. Hot and dry. It is weird looking at the sun in the middle of the day though because it’s directly above usage there’s almost no shadow. The mosquitoes aren’t very bad either. I find them worse when I go camping back home.

I could kill for a BBQ steak right about now though! Oh – and a drink with ice in it! 🙂

Todd Drake
DWC Volunteer Participant
Rwanda, February 2014

Posted in on February 19, 2014