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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Peru.

Lima, Peru: St. Andrew’s Team – Day 2 of Construction

Posted in Peru on March 12, 2014

Today was the second day at the school and probably the hottest of all the days we have been here. We started off by carrying 2000 bricks up four flights of stairs which was exhausting but we were rewarded with delicious watermelon.

For dinner we got to have delicious Peruvian food consisting of potatoes, chicken and rice. Afterwards we got to go to the Inca Market, we were all pretty exhausted by the time we made it there but somehow we all managed to have a successful shopping trip!

Today we managed to get two walls of the school built and the construction is moving along quite quickly! We are excited to get back to work tomorrow!

St. Andrew's Participants
Lima, Peru; March 2014

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