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March 14: Three latrines completed in Week #1

Posted in Cambodia on March 14, 2014

We finished the 1st week in Chamcar Bei with the completion of 3 latrines. We had a small celebration with the 3 families and the workers. Juice, pop and cookies for all!

Beth brought some stickers and balloons for the children, and they had a blast. Especially with the stickers. Everyone got stickers for their for heads and shirts - adults included, even Grandma who was really delighted with the celebration and the laughter of all the children.

On the weekend, we went to Kampot, walked around the market, saw the sites of the town and went to Rusty Keyhole for the best ribs in Cambodia. What a great lunch! From there we toured an ancient Buddhist cave which dates back to 600 BC. Very interesting. Robin went deep into the caves with a guide and came out through the mountain at the bottom.

Back to Kep and the Beach house with a relaxing game of pool until sleep time. All in all a great work week with new friends.

Wade Billey
DWC Team Leader
Cambodia, March 2014

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