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May 5: Starting on construction projects

Posted in Phillipines on May 6, 2014

On Sunday evening, Rick chose a restaurant nearby for our meal called Cafe Verde. He had asked the hotel desk clerk if we could walk there and she said yes. She and Rick discussed some street names and directions. Off we went! However, in Cebu streets can look like alleys and they are not remotely well marked. We were beginning to feel a bit lost when a street vendor selling maps saved the day and showed us the hidden restaurant. Note our fearless leader said if Rick had allowed her to read the map, she could have found it. :) After dinner we all went back and off to sleep.

Monday was the first day of our project work. We met for breakfast at 6 AM and then met in the lobby to travel to the Rise Above centre.

Our team really came together. We fell into a really great groove that allowed us to be safe, productive and comfortable.

We worked on the main project of laying a concrete pad in four mini projects today:
  • Dig a trench for a drainage pipe.
  • Level out a high corner of the pad area.
  • Dig out and replace a damaged drainage pipe.
  • Dig a trench for a footing for a retaining wall

Around 11 AM Jenny served us lunch of chicken and rice. It was delicious and well received. After lunch, we drove back to the hotel in chaotic traffic, Each of us raved about how good it felt to shower. After our shower break, we met for refreshments and discussion at the hotel restaurant guided, of course, by Robin and her binder.

Schaana Puetz
DWC Volunteer Participant
Cebu City, Philippines: May 2014

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