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May 9th: Last Day

Posted in Phillipines on May 10, 2014

This morning we awake to pouring rain. Since it is our last day and we need to leave early to make it to Bohol, we decided to go to the worksite at 5:30 am instead of 6:30 am. Although we are still really enjoying the work we are pretty tired and ready for the weekend.

We get to the site at 6:00 am sharp. Gabe has to honk the horn many times to wake Michael up who lives at the site. He lets us in and we get straight to work. We have 4.5 hours to finish the project and we all really want to see it completed. I go back to my new found trade as a mason. I think trying to get the cement perfectly smooth appeals to my obsessive nature. I also really like working with Romeo, one of the professionals helping us. I think he is sort of laughing with/at me but that is nothing new and makes me like him more. This photo is of him stopping me from falling into wet concrete as I smooth out an area just out of reach.

 The rest of the team mixes and carries cement. They are machines today, they are refilling the place where we mix the cement as soon as it is empty.

Team work!

There are fewer breaks today. Luckily, Jenny has brought a small coffee maker so we kept well caffeinated. Schaana uses the caffein break to supervise!

Schaana supervising

By 10:00 am we are pouring and smoothing the final section with glee. Schanna and I approach Gabe with some money to buy celebratory beers for the team. He returns and the canadian and local workers share a drink and marvel at the volume of work we were able to complete in just 5 days!

Celebration time!

After final handshakes and a last cuddle for my new doggie best friend, we are off for a quick shower before we head to Bohol for some much needed r and r.

Today has really been what the trip is about for me. Both our team and the local team came together. Teasing each other, working closely, sharing ideas about how to finish the job together and genuinely enjoying each others company.

These men are fantastic people and hard workers and I only wish we could bring them with us to Tobogan!

Robin Copestake
DWC Team Leader
Cebu City, Philippines: May 2014

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