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May 10th-11th: Weekend in Bohol

Posted in Phillipines on May 12, 2014

Friday we arrived at the ferry station quite early. Schaana had to pay the ferry entrance fee and the rest of the participants got off scot free as seniors. We headed up to the coffee shop where we indulged in cupcakes and people watching. The ferry ride was uneventful for everyone but Debbie, who had a two year old behind her who loved to play with her hair.

We got off the ferry and were greeted by our lovely hostess, Faylyn. We piled into the van and headed to grocery the store to stock up on food for our house this weekend. We were thrilled to buy tons of veggies, four pints of yogurt, granola and cheese.

We walked through a resort to our house and had our first glimpse of our beautiful beach. White sand, azure seas and our house set back on a green lawn with a lovely oleander tree in bloom. Most of us headed straight up to put swim suits on and run into a sea as warm as a bath (Lynns pool).

After swimming, the team relaxed while Robin taught the cook Tash to make Canadian style stir fry with about 3 lbs of veggies. What a treat! We couldn't get enough of it. After that, we took our bottle(s) of wine to the beach where Heather had the first massage of the trip.

First massage of the trip! Lucky Heather

Saturday morning we were up by 5:30 am because we're still on work time. It was swim time again, yahoo! After a breakfast of mangos, pineapples, yogurt and granola (a lovely alternative to the fish and bacon we had been eating all week) it was time for the girls to head off on an island adventure.

The drive was lovely. A chance to see the island and it's communities, farms and forests. First stop was the chocolate hills, they were less impressive than we expected. Although, we had fun taking silly pictures trying to hold the hills.

Chocolate Hills

From there we were off to see the lovely Tarsier. By lovely, I mean freaky. The group agrees they look like Yoda. This video clearly demonstrates how weird these little primates are.

Tarsier! aka "Yoda"

After that, we stopped at a grocery store to pick up some things for dinner. In the afternoon, we relaxed and napped. That night, our cook made us tempura shrimp and a lovely traditional seaweed salad.

Mother's Day (Sunday) is our major relax day.

The mothers awoke to Mother's Day cards from their team leader and some of their children. So that Rick didn't feel left out, he got a card from his first communion. With our breakfast, we enjoyed some mango mimosas. Along with relaxing, Dianne, Debbie, Robin and Schaana did some snorkelling.

Mother's Day involved reading, napping, massages a soundtrack from a family reunion of NEVER ENDING karaoke and screaming games from the resort next door.

Robin relaxing!

We will end our time on Bohol with a last dinner on our veranda and maybe one last swim.

Last dinner

Tomorrow we head to Tobogan to begin our painting project. There is no internet there so it may be a while before we post again.

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