May 15th: Painting complete and a celebration dinner May 16, 2014

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We tried to have an early breakfast, but it didn’t happen! This is our last day of painting. On the way to our “homes” we made balloons from our latex gloves. Robin added faces. The kids loved them! They have so few toys.

In short order we finished coat # 3 and the houses look great. The old lady who lived in one of the chattered non stop with Robin. Unfortunately, not in English!

While we finished up, Jenny gave the little kids toothbrush sand tooth paste, and for the older ones caps, pencils and paper.

Back to the Sea Turtle for a swim, lunch and siesta! It is very hot again today. Lunch was as spectacular as all our meals and we each got Halo Halo – a special dessert with a layer of seeds, corn, beans, jello, shaved ice, and cream with a maraschino cherry on top. You mix it all up and dig in!

Late afternoon we go back to the school and plant more under Sally’s direction. The plants are in desperate need of watering!

At our debriefing, everyone feels we could have done more work. Probably, we could have painted another couple of houses.

Dinner is a special event hosted by Sally. We lovely ladies are all dressed in sarongs. Our table is set beautifully with flowers.

The meal is delicious – lettuce and potato salad, beef and chicken dishes and lots of excellent wine. Jenny and Gabe thanked us all for our help and gave us each a picture. It was lovely!

Heather Bragg
DWC Volunteer Participant
Tabogon, Philippines: May 2014

Posted in on May 16, 2014