May 24th: The last days and final thoughts May 26, 2014

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On Friday, May 16th, we are all up early although there is no work today. Sally generously offered to take us on her boat to an island with a light house for snorkeling.

Debbie, Dianne, Rick and Heather (the grown ups as Schaana and I have started calling them) take her up on the offer. Schaana and I stay back and relax we also get the chance to meet and visit Sally’s rescued monkeys.

After a quick lunch of sandwiches it’s time to return to Cebu. We all pile into the van for the long ride home.

After the van we are all happy to be back in the pension with some internet so that we can catch up with our families. Some of the ladies decide to head for the mall to get a few last items. While there we are greeted by Jenny who tells us that the reservation for dinner is earlier than expected. We all rush back to the pension and change into our fancy clothes. It was pretty funny getting into the back of the work van in our fancy outfits.

This was to be our final dinner and we had invited Jenny, Gabe and his wife Marie to join us. Jenny suggested a restaurant in the mountains with a view of the city.

The ride there was a bit of an adventure with steep switchbacks and a final steep uphill that we were worried the van would not make. Upon arrival the view was well worth it. We shared some great Filipino food and got to hear a bit more about quiet Gabe from his wife. After we were done eating, we thanked our hosts with cards and Canada mugs.

We were all tired so after hugs and promises to stay in touch we returned to the pension for bed. Dianne was so exhausted she even fell asleep in the van!

Saturday morning we met for a final team breakfast at the restaurant at the top of the pension served by our favourite waitress Jackie. It was great to have a final meal together before we head home/on our future adventures.

This trip has been a fantastic way to learn about this country and especially to get to know its fantastic people. The team came together wonderfully and we have taken to calling Schaana an honorary family member. I think that everyone valued the hard work and dedication of those who worked with us and we feel privileged to have had this opportunity.

Robin Copestake
DWC Team Leader
Cebu, Philippines: May 2014

Posted in on May 26, 2014