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July 2: Day 3 – Stucco!

Posted in Cambodia on July 2, 2014

The day started out beautiful with an exceptional sunrise over the water. I decided to get a little exercise in and started walking about 40 minutes ahead of our minivan to take some shots of Kep in the early morning--those are the first shots in the slide show.

A very busy and productive day found us finishing the brick work early, then hauled sand a rocks into the latrine area. After spreading the sand and distributing the rocks around, we made little ones out of big ones in order to make the concrete floor (first step) in the latrine.

We went to lunch before starting to stucco on our latrine, but Team 2 was well ahead of us and they did a good job breaking rocks and also getting started on their stucco.

Lunch was again at the Vines restaurant and the food was excellent. The cadets (except for Hansena) fell asleep immediately after eating. A group of high school kids from Kent Denver showed up and they ate on the balcony while we were on the ground level below in the shade. The kids were just obnoxious brats and it hurt our ears to hear them. They were their as part of a school trip and planned to work one day doing some digging, but then they had a two day "home stay" with some families. If felt so bad for the team leader who was from Tennessee and didn't even know these kids before taking them on the trip as the leader.

We woke the cadets up just before 1300 and headed back for a full and satisfying afternoon of stuccoing outhouses. It really doesn't get any better. I liked stuccoing even more than laying brick. Annie was a great help, while Dan and Winston were the mixologists for the stucco (just concrete made thin) and Jay gave me hints and cleaned up behind me. We again worked well together and got a lot done. We finished two walls, while the other team did three.

We were back to the hotel at about 1630 and four of us decided to go on hike into the Kep Montain Forest National Park just above us. Luke and Hansena went for a 45 minute run, while Dylan, Dan, and Winston joined me for some serious climbing. We repeated what Dylan and I had done two days ago and then went to the Summit (286 meters!) as well as to Sunset Rock. The trails were well marked and maintained and we loved the exploring and the additional workout in the steamy air. We were back by 1800 a cleaned up quickly quickly for dinner.

At dinner, we went back to the crab market area and visited La Baraka--a place with both Western and Cambodian food. Three of the ordered pizza and we had some good conversation just along the beach with the Sun going down. I don't have time to pull out individual photos, so here's the link and the slideshow again.

Hopefully, we'll finish the outhouses tomorrow, but we were very happy with our progress today. Here's a link to all of the photos

All the Best,

Marty France
USAFA Faculty Chaperone & DWC Volunteer
Kep, Cambodia: July 2014

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