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July 15th: First Day in Kathmandu – Vibrant Culture and Bustling City

Posted in Nepal on July 15, 2014

We had an absolutely phenomenal day today. What a vibrant culture and bustling city we've found in Kathmandu!

After an early rise (I woke up at 5:30am, with the others not far behind), we set out for a walk around the Thamel district. We bought ourselves some funky shorts and wandered for a couple hours, constantly on the lookout for the wild motorcyclists that we had a few close calls with.

Afterwards, we headed to the CP head office, where we talked for hours with Kevin, Nura, Michelle, and Dinesh. We have learned so much about Nepalese history and the importance of the Unako project, and we all have become so invested in the cause!

Jacob, Noah and Miles then played street basketball with three students supported by CP. We pulled off a score of 100 for Team Canada to 70 for Team Nepal; we can't wait for game two of the series!

Then our new friend Rupus took us to a large Hindu temple where families cremate their deceased loved ones. It was quite an emotionally heavy experience, but one that really opened our eyes to Hindu culture.

We are now heading for dinner in the hotel, and then will spend the rest of the night playing cards and drinking a nice cold Everest beer.

Today was amazing. We have already met such motivated and inspirational people working for CP and IWEN, and feel so welcomed into this country by everyone we meet. Can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store.

Miles, Maddie, Jacob and Noah
DWC Participants
Nepal, July 2014

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