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July 17th: More of the Team Arrives

Posted in Nepal on July 17, 2014

Today was another hectic yet amazing day.

We started with an early rise, still getting over the jet lag. After a beautiful buffet breakfast in the hotel, we showed the newcomers around the neighbourhood of Thamel. This downtown adventure was followed by a trip to a tourist destination called The Palace. This place was the old residency of the King and Queen of Nepal. After touring The Palace we decided to visit our favourite rooftop restaurant and indulge in some traditional Nepalese food. This restaurant, called tamburko, has become a favourite resting spot this trip because of its' beautiful view and ice cold beers. After lunch, our group visited a tourist-favourite place called, "The Monkey Temple." This Buddhist temple has an as abundant amount of monkeys and is a great tourist and religious destination that we all enjoyed very much.

Thrilled by the fact we were able to see so many monkeys, our excited group went to visit the Creating Possibilities center and learned more about our upcoming project. After a visually captivating PowerPoint our whole team felt inspired to be part of such an amazing cause. Then the CP folks were kind enough to take our team out for dinner and show us some traditional Nepalese dancing. Finally, after a wonderfully spicy dinner our team returned back to the hotel.

Day 3 was another great day and our whole team is very excited for the adventures that lay ahead!

Dirty Jacob and the Boys
DWC Participants
Nepal, July 2014

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