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July 20th: Laying Bricks and Visiting a local Women’s Group

Posted in Nepal on July 21, 2014

After a long sleep with no power or air conditioning we left for the site at 7:30 ready to work. The sun was out and hot today while we did a few batches of concrete. We also got to put up a lot of the donation bricks today which was awesome!

This afternoon Tess, Noah and I had the opportunity to go sit in on the women's group monthly meeting. We walked for 20 minutes through the country side with Surita, the leader of the meetings, to one of the woman's house where we were welcomed with many smiles and Namaste's. Their house was a shack with a dirt floor, mud plaster walls and a tin roof. Needless to say we were a little warm with about 30 women and their kids in there. At first they were laughing hysterically for a good 10 mins when they found out Noah wasn't a girl with his luscious locks, it was pretty funny. They started their meeting by going through their monthly money duties. Each woman gives 50 rupis per month for their personal savings if they ever need money in the future they will not have to take out a loan. 50 rupis is equivalent to 50 cents Canadian. Getting everyone's accounts sorted took awhile and then they moved on to the second part where each month one of the ladies goes to town to learn a skill and then teaches it to the group. Today it was learning about bacteria and cleanliness, how it makes you sick, and how to effectively wash your hands. They had soap and water and made a few people practice as examples to stress how important it is to wash before you eat. It was a pretty awesome experience for the three of us to get a closer encounter to their everyday life.

When we got back to UNAKO we had lunch again made by the women that was great and then played some soccer outside the site, Nepal vs Canada. After some great dives and dangles and Jacob stepping in dung barefoot and needing a sub, our goalie didn't hold up to our 1-0 loss, it was a Yak...we were playing in his territory.

Our night consisted of an awesome dinner, crazy monsoon rain and getting our air conditioning back!!!

Can't wait for another day tomorrow and more progress on the site!

Paris Sanesh
DWC Participant
Nepal, July 2014

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