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July 22nd: Hard Work and a Dancing Setback

Posted in Nepal on July 24, 2014

Sorry for the delay in posts, but the days have been long and the volunteers exhausted (yet continually in good spirits).

Two days ago, we continued and completed the pouring of the cement for the ground floor of UNAKO house. The work has been gruelling, as we have carried countless bags of cement mix, sand and gravel. We have a very efficient system now, where we pass buckets of cement down a human train, at the end of which, Jacob expertly pours the cement. Although we have sustained some serious war wounds, there is constant laughter as we pass the cement along the chain.

While all the other volunteers worked on the cement, I traveled with Dinesh, Madi and the hotel manager to the nearby headquarters of Dang. After a night of cards and dancing, Madi slipped as she was busting a move, and sprained her wrist. We went to the hospital in Dang's capital, where she was x-rated and bandaged. As she is unable to work for the next week or so, she will now be our full time photographer!

We found out that the container shipped from Kamloops several months ago will arrive earlier than planned, so we are moving our Lumbini trip forward to maximize the number of days that we can work with the crate's contents.

Now that the air conditioning is working in the hotel, we are all ready for a big night's sleep after a tough first week. Everyone is ready to kick back and relax at the dreamland resort tomorrow, and then get back to this incredible project!

Miles Marchand
DWC Team Leader 
Nepal, July 2014

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