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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Nepal.

July 24th: Buddha’s Birthplace and Back to Dang

Posted in Nepal on July 25, 2014

This morning came early. Everyone wanted to stay longer at Dreamland, but the dream had to end. Buffet breakfast was followed by a quick packing of things, and boarding the smallest bus in the history of man. Before we left Lumbini, we made a stop at the birth place of Buddha. For 500 Nepalese rupee, we were treated to a carriage ride by bike to the place he was born. The rain poured down and all of us were wet, but spirits remained high and laughter was bountiful.

Next was the 3 hour bus ride back to Dang. Once back in Dang, everyone went their separate ways, either to sleep or relax. Neil, Maddie A, Miles and myself went and met the sea can at the worksite. The 1.5 hour bus ride (following the truck and sea can through tiny back roads) was excruciating, but well worth it. What we witnessed was, as Neil and myself describe, "an absolute hippie show". First off, the truck carrying the sea can got stuck. Then the crane unloading the sea can got stuck. Throughout it all, the 14,000 lbs package was delivered, although not up to safety standards back home. It was late, and we all returned home ready to start work and unload the next day.

Curt Brown
DWC Participant and Scaffold Coordinator
Nepal, July 2014

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