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July 25th: And the Hard Work Begins

Posted in Nepal on July 25, 2014

The group leaders let everyone sleep in an extra hour today. This was much needed after all the travel and lack of sleep everyone experienced during the mini-vacay. Things got rolling as soon as we arrived at the worksite. The lock (which conveniently had no key) was quickly sawed off, which revealed the contents of the sea can. Messages from some family members (thanks guys!!) graced the inside of the sea can, and were a great surprise. What followed was 3 hours of intense work: unloading of the scaffolding, the 130lbs batteries, solar panels, 2x12x12 lumber, battery shelving unit, work gloves, tools, and all the necessary hardware to complete this solar panel project. A group of the girls tackled the shelving unit while the rest of the group emptied the sea can contents.

Next up was the scaffold set up to access the roof of Unako house. Neil and myself had been waiting for this and wasted no time getting up there. Everyone will access through the top floor window, to a safe working platform just a short climb away. The rest of the group was busy pouring cement, and will be construction site ready in no time! We left site a bit early, stopping in the village close to site and enjoying a cold soda and ice cream. Dinner time now so I should sign off. Until the next blog....

Dorian, Curt, and Neil on the roof of Unako House

Neil Doherty
DWC Participant and Scaffold Coordinator
Nepal, July 2014

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