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July 26th: Solar Panel Installation

Posted in Nepal on July 28, 2014

Today was day six at the job site. Having finally received and unloaded the shipping container we began working on installing the batteries and solar panels. John, Miles, Luca and Jake managed to get all 48 of the 130 lbs batteries put in place on the shelving we installed yesterday. Meanwhile the rest of us continued to work away at the remaining areas in need of concrete. We finished most of the ground floor entry area then took a break for another delicious lunch cooked by some of the UNAKO women. 

Having finished most of the ground floor we started carrying bags of sand upstairs to prepare concrete for the upper rooms. Curt and Neil spent their day on the roof installing a few of the railings that will be used to mount the solar panels. After we finished at the site we headed back to our hotels to clean up and prepare for dinner. We tried a new hotel for dinner where they served us chicken chow mien and, to our excitement, French fries. We finished the night with a few card games.

Madi Odegaard
DWC Participant 
Nepal, July 2014

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