July 30th: A Sad Last Day on Site July 30, 2014

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Today was our last day on the work site. Despite expecting a short and easy work day, we ended up carrying bags of sand and gravel to the second floor of the UNAKO house to finish cementing. John and Curt were our two casualties for the day. After our lunch break, 12 of us boys hauled two 400 pound electrical panels up the stairs. We really could have used our two “big boys” for the panels, but nonetheless we finished the task pretty quickly.

We spent our last hour on the work site saying bye to all the workers, taking lots of group photos, and we even received a closing ceremony from the UNAKO mothers with Tika and flowers. The last day was very emotional for everyone including myself. We’ve had such an amazing time working here in Lamahi, and sadly most of us will never see these people again. Quite a few tears were shed when we made our way to the school to say goodbye to all the children. I’m sure the entire team will never forget the precious moments we shared with these children day in and day out.

The final bus ride home from work was no different than the others: bumpy and sweaty. After a quick stop at the doctor’s, we made our way back to the hotel and within minutes almost our entire group was sound asleep. After a final group dinner, we all payed our tabs. Looking forward to a final weekend in Chitwan where we will get to go on a safari and ride elephants!

Luca TreshamDWC ParticipantNepal, July 2014

Posted in on July 30, 2014