August 3rd: The Families arrive in Dang to a Tikka filled Welcome! August 5, 2014

Posted in on August 5, 2014

The inspiring welcoming ceremony made our two families realize why we started down this endeavour. The young women who have been empowered by this IWEN, DWC and Creating Possibilities project made all our efforts over the past year to support UNAKO House so rewarding. I had tears in my eyes when a young Thelma girl read a poem in English about her experience of being returned from bonded labour to her family and what it meant to her life.

The welcoming ceremony was followed be a tour of UNAKO House to see the progress that has been made on this spectacular building. The U30 group that spent the past two weeks at the site did an amazing amount of hard work (I could not believe how much concrete they poured). The 36 solar panels looked great on the roof and the team that tackled this challenging assignment last week deserves recognition.

I was especially touched looking around the second floor where the bricks were placed by all the names of the individuals who have contributed to the project.

Our two families then spent the day prepping the window frames and stair cases for painting and continuing on the solar panel electronics installation.

The Marchand and Adams parent’s we’re glad to reconnect with the kids and enjoy the stories of the U30 DWC group’s exploits.

Bill Adams
Enthusiastic volunteer and solar power project leader
Nepal, August 2014

Posted in on August 5, 2014