Aug 8th: Sad Goodbyes and the Long Drive Back August 8, 2014

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Today was another day filled with mixed emotions as we finally said goodbye to Lamahi. After an early breakfast we wasted no time hopping on the bus and beginning our 10 hour drive back to Kathmandu. As we drove out some of us chose to take the time to rest and others chose to really take in the beautiful landscape that has surrounded us for the past 3 weeks. We stopped in Chitwan for a lunch consisting of momos, French fries and spring rolls stirring up memories of our adventures with elephants and crocodiles from Chitwan. After fuelling up we went for our final leg of the drive, again seeing the breath taking surrounding that are truly like no other.

Once getting to Kathmandu we checked into the Eco Hotel where this whole trip began before going out for an amazing dinner with Nura and her husband and also Dinesh, his wife and his oldest son. To finish off the dinner we had to have an emotional goodbye with Dinesh who is departing to Canada tomorrow morning.

Tonight is a time to catch up on sleep and get well rested before the trek we have tomorrow morning in the mountains surrounding Nepal’s capital.

Noah Marchand
DWC Participant
Nepal, July 2014

Posted in on August 8, 2014