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Saturday, Nov 15: First to arrive in Phnom Penh!

Posted in Cambodia on November 17, 2014

Arrived in Phnom Penh and was met by the hired tuk tuk driver at the airport. What transpired in the next 45 minutes was a mixture of fear, chaos and exhilaration!

Though there are designated lanes, they seem to be there simply as a guideline - there is definitely more motorcycles on the road than anything else so any little space that can fit a moto will be filled. And every once and a while, someone will decide to go the wrong way just because they can! And amazingly no one seems to get riled up over the ones going the wrong way. Full families of four passed by on their moto, apparently seven is the limit before the police will take any notice!

Amazingly all seem to happily coexist and I have a feeling that there are far few accidents than we see back home. In any case, it was a wonderful introduction to Cambodia. As some of the group was arriving late at night, we were to spend the night in Phnom Penh. 

After meeting my roomie for the next few weeks, we decided the hit the streets! We watched a Cambodian dance show complete with masks and shadow puppets - it was interesting to watch but likely more relevant had we understood the story! Afterwards we stopped for dinner to a noodle soup house where they had a burner on the table. You ordered the ingredients you wanted in the soup, and then they would bring them to the table where you would add them into the broth to cook! The spring onions were delicious but the "beef" was some sort of elastic tripe which proved more difficult than not to eat - but it was an experience and I think I'm going to like Cambodia - the people are friendly and quick to smile despite having crazy driving skills!!

Cathy Colborne 
DWC Participant
Cambodia, November 2014

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