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Saturday, Nov 22: Visit to Kampot and Bokor National Park

Posted in Cambodia on November 24, 2014

Today was our first official day of rest and relaxation, and we decided to visit Kampot and Bokor National Park. 

We drove along the southern coast to Kampot, which is famous for their peppercorns and pork ribs. You could definitely see the French colonial influence in the architecture throughout the city. 

In the first half of the day we drove up the mountain to Bokor National Park and took in a variety of sights - I mean a REAL variety! First we saw the huge Lok Yeay Mao monument, which was built within the last few years and is said to protect travelers, fishermen and hunters. Our next stop was to see the Popokvil waterfalls, where you could essentially walk or climb all around the falls to see it from different vantage points. We also saw the casino, Chinese temple, Catholic church, and the abandoned hotel casino ruins. It was quite a mish mash of sights but we got to take in a great view from the mountaintop and the old hotel casino ruins were really neat!

Once we made our way back down the mountain we went into Kampot and had lunch at ‘The Rusty Keyhole’ for "the best ribs in Cambodia". We ordered the 1.5 kg order of ribs to split amongst our group of six people; the restaurant challenges customers to attempt eating this meal – for one – in less than an hour, we definitely weren’t going down that road though! 

After our bellies were full, we walked through the market to check out the multiple displays of wares and food, and to track down some of the famous Kampot peppercorns to take home. 

There were all sorts of fish and other sea creatures laid out on tables or sitting in buckets of water, as well as a variety of meats, vegetables, and fruits available. 

We were on the hunt for durian fruit in particular, which is said to have a very pungent odour, but had no luck since it is currently out of season; we did, however, get to see the durian statue at one of the traffic roundabouts in Kampot. 

We made it back to Kep just in time for a dip in the pool before sunset and then headed out for dinner near the hotel, most of us could barely keep our eyes open through dinner since it had been such an eventful day – good thing we still have one day of some serious rest and relaxation on Rabbit Island planned for tomorrow!

Sarah Armstrong
DWC Team Leader
Cambodia, November 2014

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