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Wednesday, Nov 26: Day 3 of Construction, Enough with the Rain Already!

Posted in Cambodia on November 26, 2014

When we were driving to work today we noticed quite a lot of water on the roads and it was obvious that it had rained near the worksite as well. We were quite concerned that we would have a lot of repairs to deal with, but when we drove up to the latrine it was in pretty good shape aside from the plaster having eroded off at the corners. Setbacks aside, we were quite determined to finish this latrine on time, and everyone was extra quick to get moving on construction today.

By mid-afternoon we had installed all the windows, finished laying the bricks and plastered more of the outside walls, and we also filled the foundation and built the water basin inside the latrine.

We were quite impressed with our pace and became more confident that we would be able to catch up by the end of the day when we felt the air cool and saw the dark clouds rolling in again. We all worked until the last moment possible and then scrambled to get things covered up or moved out of the rain. Once again, the rain had cut our day short.

We were starting to get worried that we would not be able to finish the latrine by the end of Thursday as scheduled, however, we were not going to leave unfinished business and were more than willing to work on Friday as well if necessary.

Sarah Armstrong
DWC Team Leader
Cambodia, November 2014

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