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January 27, 2015: If you can’t beat the heat…join ’em!

Posted in Cambodia on January 27, 2015

Today was a hot day in my books.  Drenched in sweat and sunburned like crazy, I finally experienced a "slightly warm" day in Cambodia.  At the worksite today I met Tim.  He teaches English at the school and is great at speaking it.  He wants me to come back tomorrow and teach him all the English slang words I know.  Throughout the day, I waved and smiled at every person I drove past or walked past.  What truly made me amazed was how every person, young or old, smiled and waved back.  It didn't matter what conditions they were in, they gave a genuine smile and welcomed you.  I guess the only person that didn't wave back was the young boy that shook his bum at us and laughed as we drove past.  He was very pleased with himself!

The day was long but gratifying because I made real connections and the work I did is for a great cause.  Tim quizzed us on our voting system but he dodged our comments about his own government with an embarrassed laugh.  It will be interesting going forward to see the political views of Cambodian people.

Christopher Kearney
DWC Volunteer Participant
Cambodia. January 27, 20105.

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