January 28, 2015: Creating Lasting Change January 28, 2015

Floating village Cambodia

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Today was our last day at the work site in Kep.  I worked mostly by laying bricks and cementing down things.  Quite an adventure, I’d have to say!  I worked closely with a local that I nicknamed “The Laughing Man” because he laughed constantly and was smiling every second that he could.  I want to be the type of person that deserves a nickname like that.  The laughing man taught me about being the best kind of person in the world by doing nothing but being himself.  I am so glad I went on this trip because now I will never be a tourist again.  People go on vacation, do their thing, see some sights, eat some food, and then leave.  The city and country go on like they were never there.  The work we have done makes a change.  It will help people for years to come.  Kep district will remember DWC.

Julia Giraudi
DWC Volunteer Participant
Cambodia.  January 28, 2015

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