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January 28, 2015: Smile and the World Smiles Back!

Posted in Cambodia on January 28, 2015

Today I woke up and my whole body was sore from the work I did the day before.  The group started to build a watergate in a rural place in Kep.  It is amazing to see the difference with only 20 minutes of driving how we can go from a tourist area to a non-paved road with tattered houses; the difference really hit us all greatly.  The reality about the level of poverty in the world is something that those from Canada are not usually exposed to, but from this experience we can see how the majority of the world lives their lives. 

From working in the rural area I was able to interact with local people living in the area.  I've never regretted something in my life so much as not learning the language of Khmer.  The language barrier is such a big thing that I never noticed before, but being here, I feel sad that I couldn't communicate properly.  Although we cannot understand one another, the people here are so nice and welcoming that we just get by with gestures or actions.  When the locals, including the kids and adults, smile, I can't do anything but smile back because their smiles are so beautiful and warm.  All of the people here are happy and nothing how I expected them to be.  Just being with them and interacting with them has been a life changing experience.  My whole perspective on life has changed in a matter of days, and I want to change as a person but there is so much to take in right now that I am only confused. 

Momo Sakudo
DWC Volunteer Participant
Cambodia.  January 28, 2015.

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