January 29, 2015: Reflections on Lessons Learned January 29, 2015

Monks Cambodia

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Today I really learned what solidarity is.  It is being a friend and not a savior; working side by side to improve our world.  It really hit me today that just because I am privileged, in every way possible, does not mean that I am better or above anyone, anywhere.  Seeing the workplace, the market, and the school – seeing how they were all part of the global community – really changed my perspective.  Today is the most meaningful day of my life because I have realized that I have come to love the people I have been alongside for the past few days so much that leaving them makes me really sad.  But, leaving has also given me a purpose to come back!

Mariana Salazar
DWC Volunteer Participant
Cambodia.  January 29, 2015.

Posted in on January 29, 2015