February 13, 2015: Significant Progress February 13, 2015

Floating village Cambodia

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Wednesday and Thursday were focused days of work with considerable progress on both irrigation gates.

Wednesday’s effort was rewarded with happy hour at The Veranda…needless to say there was much laughter (unfortunately some at Bill’s expense). 

Friday was a special and eventful day. Our day started with visit to a local market to purchase a few items (flowers, fruit and incense) for a special event later that morning. We were blessed with a traditional Khmer prayer, chanting and memorial to Larry Steele, Lindy’s husband. We were all blessed to be able to share in this special moment with Lindy. It was very beautiful. 

Following the Khmer ceremony we all put the finishing touches to the irrigation gate and then proceeded to the Vine for an early lunch. This was not to be a normal lunch.
Lunch as usual was exceptional, however as we were getting ready to leave a significant amount of smoke was noticed about 300 meters west of the Vine Resort. There gusty winds and the appearance that the fire was approaching the resort. There was a significant concern that the vine would be impacted, and staff (with assistance from DWC staff) were actively working on protecting the resort. Later in the day, the fire was put out and was reported to be about 7 hectares. The Vine was not impacted.
Following the excitement of the fire we visited the women’s crafting project to view the making of scarves. Dinner today was at the Sailing Club where we experienced a magnificent sunset, great food and a bit jazz. What a day.
We have had a wonderful week. To paraphrase a comment made earlier today, “this is like no other holiday experience” and yet we have another week to go. Bring on the latrines.

Don Brimacombe
DWC Volunteer Team Leader
Cambodia: February 2015

Posted in on February 13, 2015