February 18, 2015: Weekend Fun And Back To Work! February 18, 2015

Canoe in water Cambodia

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The last five days have flown by. Our weekend included a half day road trip to Kampot with a visit to the fish market, lunch at The Rusty Keyhole (famous for its ribs) and a foot massage at seeing hand massage (provided by blind masseuse). Our drive back to Kep was highlighted by a karaoke session to “Dancing Queen” lead by Chelsea. Back in Kep, everyone took time walking the beach, hiking in Kep national forest, relaxing at Spring Valley Resort and another massage for some. Dinner at the Spring Valley Resort included traditional Khmer food in a street vender format (an interactive eating experience enjoyed by everyone). I understand the passion fruit punch was a particular hit. Sunday was spent on Rabbit Island hiking the shoreline, sun worshiping and massage. Great relaxing day on the island.

We are now three days into week 2 and both teams have made amazing progress with pits dug, concrete pipes installed and back filled and brick work complete. The concrete finish is continuing at both sites.

Bill, Evy, Liz, Tom and Betty are working at the home of a local family and are treated with fresh coconut and bananas. Liz, one of our teachers on board and resident animal lover, has been tending to the farm animals, and conducting impromptu lessons and reading time with the children (a special experience for all involved).

Bill and Tom have worked tirelessly and creatively through the 35C temperatures and difficult ground conditions to dig the latrine pit. I understand the pit has an interesting spiral staircase. Betty and Evy have been busy laying bricks, applying and finishing concrete.

The second latrine is being constructed by Lynda, Lindy, Jeries, Chelsea and Don at the women handy craft project in Odong. The project provides training in various crafts (weaving, jewelry making) and an opportunity for the women to earn income. Our efforts are guided by our smiling and quiet contractor referred to as Uncle (or Po, his Khmer name). He ensures the site is ready for us each day and quietly guides us through our paces ensuring an acceptable finish. The digging of our pit was a team effort with everyone taking a turn in the pit.

Don Brimacombe
DWC Volunteer Team Leader
Cambodia. February 2015

Posted in on February 18, 2015