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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Peru.

Lima – Bodwell Team: at the Market and the Beach

Posted in Peru on May 1, 2015

This morning’s excursion was to the market, that age-old location of economic enterprise and communication. We had a small communication gap where one of the students thought we were going to a mall, but today we wanted to explore local economic activity. Even though it was a short journey, we learned a lot about the chocolate industry (and got samples!) as well as the negotiation system (less than in other countries) and the history of goods (for example, silver and the Columbian Exchange). One of the memorable things about markets are the sensory overloads. In today’s case, colour and flavor.


Lima is always foggy in the morning and then the sun burns the fog and we are left in perfect 25 degree weather. It was sunny everywhere today. Except the beach. But we managed to squeeze some fun from the waves in the Pacific (still warmer than any Vancouver beaches) this afternoon. Playa Makaha. 

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