Inspired Words

These are the experiences of our volunteers in Peru.

Lima – Bodwell Team: Water

Posted in Peru on May 1, 2015

When you live in a country like Canada, whether permanently or temporarily, you can easily take water for granted. It’s everywhere. It’s clean. It’s safe.

So when you come to a place like Lima, where on the news this morning was the information that 700,000 Limans don’t have access to water (and that’s not counting the millions who live in the outskirts like San Jose Obrero where we are working), it’s hard to fathom. It’s hard to empathize. Until you see the rock and the dust swirling and encircling everyone and everything. And you see a truck hauling water up a mountain and piping it into tubs because if it didn’t there wouldn’t be any. Just more dust. 

And then, when you feel and taste the dust, you can know, and you can appreciate. And you can be grateful for the luxury of cleanliness.

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