Lima – Bodwell Team: Working, Walls, Posts and Paths May 1, 2015

Church in Lima Peru

Posted in on May 1, 2015

It took us almost a whole day to erect the structure that will be used to hold the concrete for half the wall. It constantly amazes us how hard we work and how slow the visible progress. Miguel, our foreman, never takes a break and constantly teaches us new skills.

Jeremy has been laboring to dig holes for fence posts. The only problem is he is digging into pure rock that is filled with iron. This of course raises questions for students who know a little about economics and wonder why the rock isn’t being crushed to extract the metal. But that’s a story for another day. Nevertheless, Jeremy has persevered and due to this diligence, succeeded. Jeremy is pictured with his nemesis, and his young protégé.

Brenda finally conquered the pathway, using crushed rock from Jeremy’s iron-rock holes to fill a pathway about 30 cm higher. That’s a lot of fill! Topped it off with many layers of dirt and dust and voila! A safer walking path to get the kids between class to the kitchen and bathrooms.

Posted in on May 1, 2015