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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Peru.

Lima, Peru – Bodwell Team: Day 1 building at San Jose Obrero

Posted in Peru on May 1, 2015

 Lima is a city built for a million currently housing 9 million people. This has multiple effects of course. After a long journey in Lima’s rush hour traffic, we arrived in San Jose Obrero, our worksite. This community has been built by the hands of its inhabitants, many of whine have come from the provinces searching for work and a better life near the city. Rock. Dust. Epic colors and beauty nestled in the hills. This is what foreign eyes notice upon arrival in SJO. We had a beautiful introduction to the school by the Director, and lots of interaction with the students. And then we got down to work. Pick axes, shovels, and our hands were the tools. We dug and we moved rocks and earth to create a path and make a foundation for a wall.

Here are a few pictures of us still looking fresh before the sun and the dust and the ache of muscles wore us down before dusk.

San Jose Obrero


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