Sri Lanka – Day 9: Getting it done May 19, 2015

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Sudharma Pre-SchoolKim had a personal mission today. While she was happy with the facilities at the pre-school, it wasn’t enough. She identified a need for classroom supplies for the preschoolers, persuaded others to chip in and she and Jennifer went on a shopping spree accompanied by a very excited teacher. Three stores later they returned with many needed bags of pencils, markers, pens, erasers, pencil cases, musical instruments, tambourines and pastels. The teacher was so grateful to be able to buy her students so many things that would enhance their learning and schooling experience. The smiles on her face was the reward.

Muslim School
In the morning parging was still the main task and the volunteers took turns sifting the sand, making cement and then the art of getting it on the walls! After lunch, Glynis, Eloise, Katy, Blair and Peg, left the school to paint playground equipment in the middle of the Muslim neighbourhood. Armed with brushes and pots of red, blue and yellow paint, we began to brighten the look of our jungle gym and swing. It wasn’t long before we were approached by a lovely local woman asking if she could help. We all looked at one another and immediately handed her a brush! Having her join us not only lightened our load, but became a bridge between the volunteers and the local community. What a significant moment! Never before has a woman stepped forward to work with us!

PalathaduwaWhat a busy day team 3 had at the Monk’s temple! The morning was spent mixing cement, moving bricks, building walls, pouring cement into forms and painting. At noon, the volunteers were treated to a traditional Sri Lankan lunch provided by Chamalie at the community centre. Then they set to work sorting all of the gifts brought from Canada by the volunteers: piles of clothing, toys, school supplies, dental products, toiletries, and of course, Canadian flags! They will go to needy families. After lunch, it was all hands were on deck to finish the painting with that Full Moon ceremony coming quickly!

It was truly a good day.
Janet McKelvey
DWC/TRIP Canada Team Leader
Sri Lanka, April 2015

Posted in on May 19, 2015