Sri Lanka, Rotary irrigation project: digging some trenches October 22, 2015

Mountain Sri Lanka

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Laying three kilometres of irrigation pipe

Today is Thursday and it was a productive day. On day one we laid pipe to the main road, roughly 300 metres. We had to go through a bunch of trees and under the main highway. After many trouble shooting scenarios, our gang – led by Larry (from Okotoks) – saved the day. The electrician knows his stuff; without him we would be stuck.

The villagers have helped immensely and we are making great progress, we’re probably 50% of way done. It’s very humid – my shirt was absolutely soaked within an hour!

We have met some great locals and had a lot of fun so far in our attempt to make a difference.

Larry, Dave, Jordan, Wade, Jeff and Tony
DWC / Rotary
Sri Lanka, October 2015

Posted in on October 22, 2015