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Sri Lanka – irrigation project

Posted in Sri Lanka on October 27, 2015

Thursday October 22, 2015

Internet is spotty here. We are almost finished our first week of the irrigation system. The villagers have been very helpful and communication has been a challenge, but in the end we have worked it all out.

Each day they feed us some tea and snacks and it is very hospitable when many seem to have few resources. The little bananas are "hari rasai," which means delicious.

We have laid probably half of the irrigation pipe and tested it for pressure and all seems to be working well. Each villager will have access to this water for a nominal fee.

It has been a lot of work gluing what looks to me like about three kilometres of pipe.
Today we have nine Rotarians from the local Colombo club helping us and tonight is a party which shall be fun. They are very funny and lively people.

Larry, Dave, Jordan, Wade, Jeff and Tony
DWC / Rotary
Sri Lanka, October 2015 

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