Sri Lanka – irrigation project November 2, 2015

Posted in on November 2, 2015

Today is Saturday October 31st,  Halloween. Some hotels seem to celebrate Halloween with parties but it is not a common part of rural Sri Lankan life.

The last part of this work week was rather challenging. With equipment (back hoe) not showing up as scheduled, and then the back hoe hitting major water lines, our work was delayed.

In the end we laid all of the pipe for the irrigation system with about 60 feet remaining. The plan was to finish this last piece and test the system. However when we arrived Friday, expecting the last ditch to be dug and water people to be available to monitor back hoe, it was evident after an hour no one was coming. A bit disappointed as we wanted to check the system but that will be left to the Colombo Rotary club to finish up.

It was an enjoyable two weeks, however working in the mud and rain took its toll as we all got head colds of some sort. It is good to be finished and we hope in the next few weeks we can receive an update that all is working and the villagers are getting this much needed water.

Now some of us are off to see the country and relax.

It has been a great experience.

Wade, Dave, Jeff, Larry, Jordan and Tony
DWC / Rotary
Sri Lanka, October 2015

Posted in on November 2, 2015