DWC in Cebu, Phillipines: March 2016 March 10, 2016

Posted in on March 10, 2016

Final Days

As we near the end of this amazing journey there is still some work to be done. With all the hands and hearts we have here we are trying to squeeze out every last bit of work we can muster. The final piece our team is doing is mixing and pouring a cement pad behind Peregrina’s that will extend the family’s living space quite a bit. 
As the heat of the day is at its hottest, and our bodies are weary, Peregrina made a surprise visit to the house. She teared up as she saw our progress.  The gratitude that radiated from her being refueled our tanks and once again this incredible group of people kicked it into high gear and got it done. 
Together we can make a difference and that is so clear here. 

Heather Johnston

DWC Volunteer

Cebu, Philippines: March 2016

Posted in on March 10, 2016