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March 6 and 7
On the morning of March 6, we visited the Eco-Filtro, a water purification factory, and took a tour. We learned two things: that culture acceptance is important, which is why chlorine cant be used to purify water in Guatemala (where people dislike the smell and the taste) and that silver can be used as an anti bacterial.

In the afternoon, it was our first work day out of the 10 days here in Guatemala. We met the founder of the organization, Teresa, and her crew, and we walked to the work site.

We started to dig for the base of the building by using shovels and pickaxes. In the afternoon, we visited the church with the tour guide named Luiz and we went shopping in the local market and a jade factory.

Klara, Sarah, Tia, Jack and Olivia
DWC volunteers, Guatemala, February 2017

Today was our first work day out of the 10 days here in Guatemala. As usual we met up with Teresa , the owner of the Open Windows Foundation, at around 9:30 a.m. We split up into two groups in order to divide up the work and began our march toward the work site (the most tiring part of the trip).

Piles of cement bricks and metal wires were laid around the house foundation and work began at around 11 a.m. It was a tiring process of transporting bricks and sand, especially for the other group as their work site was on a hill.

Wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow (and a lunch break), we succeeded at moving the construction material from one spot to another. There were four different jobs for each group: metal cutting, metal bending, shoveling sand and brick moving.

The entire day consisted of moving construction materials over the span of six hours under the blazing sun. It was tiring, it was slow, it was dirty, and hot, but at the end of the day, it makes it all worthwhile when thinking about the reason we do this.

Alvaro Riviera,
DWC volunteer, Guatemala, February 2017

March 4 and 5

We met at the Montreal airport at 6 a.m. not knowing what was awaiting us on the other side. We landed in Mexico after a six-hour flight, then hopped on a two-hour flight to Guatemala City. On this flight, the group either slept or played a wild game of Heads Up. Once we landed and bags were in hands, we boarded the bus for Antigua. We sang our hearts out and got to know each other a little bit better.

The next morning, we rose to bells ringing and had an early start to our first official day in Guatemala. After breakfast at Fernando’s Café, we hopped on the bus and made our way to Panajachel Lake. Thanks to our tour guide, Luiz, we learned more about Guatemala’s culture, geography and heritage. Upon arrival, we were able to appreciate the incredible sights that this land has to offer, such as the clear water and volcanoes. The group then proceeded into the village, walking down the lively street where some purchased gifts and authentic Guatemalan treasures.

Next, we went to a cozy Guatemalan restaurant, some of us got chicken soup or grilled chicken. The group proceeded further to the market of Chichicastenango, where we visited a famous church where we learned about its significance in Mayan culture. After this, Kuper and Trafalgar visited a cemetery, where customs are to paint the mausoleums and crosses different colours according to the person’s role in the family. Then, we all were able to wander the culture packed market, filled with colourful textiles, ceramics and jewelry.

Finally, we climbed back onto our bus with our tour guide, Luiz, and bus driver, Raul, and travelled back to Antigua. After a lovely dinner of soup, calzones and yummy chocolate cake, we sit here, on the beautiful rooftop where we stargaze the clear night sky.

Yanting, Julia, Cindy, Allen and Erin
DWC volunteers, Guatemala, February 2017

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